Advanced Solar Power inc Advanced Solar Power, Inc
A renewable energy integrator located in Long Island, N.Y. Advanced Solar Power specializes in Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water and Wind Systems.
"Merging Nature with Technology"
Provided expert installation of photo-voltaic arrays and all PV system wiring to bring the solar electric system to life.
Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck FoundationThe Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation
Established in 1999 as a private family foundation with a commitment to enhancing the quality of life in our communities through grants to qualified charitable organizations.
Providing a grant of capital to assist with construction of the Emergency Response Studio
Build It Green! Build It Green! NY,
is New York City's only non-profit, retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials, and keeps perfectly useful materials out of landfills, while offering heavy discounts on their resale. Proceeds go to Solar1, for outreach and education on issues of sustainability.
Donating reclaimed lumber, birch plywood paneling and a wealth of other reclaimed building materials used throughout the reconstruction of the Emergency Response Studio.
Evergreen Solar Evergreen Solar
A global technology leader and innovator in the solar industry, located in Marlboro, MA. Evergreen Solar produces a range of high quality poly-crystalline solar panels for on-grid markets offering exceptional performance, extraordinary versatility and industry leading environmental credentials based on cutting edge String Ribbon™ wafer technology.
Donating nine large solar panels, the central components of the solar system.
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery Jonathan Ferrara Gallery
Established in 1998, a leading New Orleans gallery showcasing contemporary works by emerging to established artists. Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is a "collective environment of creative visions: a commercial gallery with a public conscience, focusing on cutting edge works with a sense of purpose, mission, and message."
Providing logistical, networking, and fundraising support essential to the realization of the project.
Forbo Forbo
"Creating better environments"... this statement reflects the mission and values of Forbo Flooring. From the indoor environment to the natural environment, Forbo's products and services combine design and functionality in world-class flooring solutions.
Providing their "Marmoleum" flooring; a handsome, natural linoleum tile made from linseed oil pressed from flax seeds, known for its remarkable longevity.
Global Green USA Global Green USA
A national environmental organization founded by President Gorbachev to create a new approach to solving the world's most pressing environmental challenges: stemming climate change; eliminating weapons of mass destruction; and providing safe drinking water for 2.4 billion people who lack access to clean water.
Providing significant capital and technical support.
Green Depot Green Depot
Founded in 2005 by Sarah Beatty, Green Depot is the largest supplier of environmentally friendly building materials on the East Coast, and supplies materials that feature recyclable content, local sourcing, low- or no-toxicity, and energy efficiency.
Providing green materials for use in the trailer, including "Bonded Logic," a building insulation made from recycled denim; Forbo "Marmoleum" flooring, the original "linoleum" produced from linseed oil; "Safecoat" zero VOC paints and finishes; and other sustainable materials, too numerous to list here.
 Peter Henig, CEO Greenhouse Capital
CEO of a California green venture capital fund which provides seed funding to innovative, start-up cleantech and alternative energy companies.
Providing significant initial capital and connections to green businesses for further donations of capital and materials.
GRK Fasteners GRK Fasteners
A family-owned manufacturer of technically advanced, super-high quality fasteners, in Ontario, Canada.
Providing state-of-the-art fasteners for use in the project.
groSolar groSolar is North America's premier provider of solar energy solutions for homes, businesses, dealers and contractors. Founded in 1998, groSolar's mission is to deliver peace of mind through solar energy systems and whole energy appreciation while providing sustainable, world class clean energy products and service with quality and care.
Donating components of solar power system; providing design and technical assistance; arranging for donation of system components through their vendors; providing installation of solar system.
Adam Lewis'Adam Lewis' support of this project reflects his deep commitment to sustainability and the environment. As the founding donor of the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies at Oberlin College, Lewis continues to invest in the growing field of ecological or green design to develop viable alternatives for the built environment of the future.
Providing very significant financial support essential to the realization of the project.
Robert Mason / Anthony Dalo WoodworkingRobert Mason / Anthony Dalo Woodworking
A high-end custom cabinetry and woodworking shop in Brooklyn, NY.
Providing assistance with design and custom fabrication of interior cabinetry, including a compact kitchenette, wardrobe, and tools and materials storage.
Morgan Lehman GalleryMorgan Lehman Gallery
Founded in 2002, the gallery represents a select and eclectic group of emerging and mid-career artists working in a variety of media. The gallery has exhibition spaces in New York’s Chelsea gallery district as well as in Litchfield County, Connecticut.
Providing exterior vinyl signage for trailer; providing fundraising support.
OutBack Power SystemsOutBack Power Systems is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy applications including solar, wind, and micro-hydro as well as backup power and mobile power applications. OutBack's engineers all have decades of power conversion design and equipment installation experience and share a passion for leading the industry into a new era of power conversion equipment performance, ease of use, and standardization.
Providing a state-of-the-art voltage inverter and charge controller (the "brains" of the solar system,) to regulate and convert DC power produced by the array of photo voltaic solar panels.
Smith & Fong PlybooSmith & Fong Plyboo
Smith & Fong, founded in 1989, is dedicated to developing new uses and applications for bamboo, including flooring, paneling, and plywood. The base material for all their products is "Plyboo," their term for laminated bamboo and a registered trademark of Smith & Fong Company.
Providing Plyboo sheet material for construction of interior cabinetry.
Socrates Sculpture ParkSocrates Sculpture Park
An internationally renowned outdoor museum and artist residency program that also serves as a vital New York City park offering a wide variety of public services.
Providing a location for construction of the Emergency Response Studio through a residency grant April — October, 2008; providing significant capital funding; exhibiting the project as a work-in-progress in Waste Not, Want Not, May 4 — August 3, 2008.
Gregg Wagner, RAGregg Wagner, RA
A Registered Architect licensed in New York and New Jersey.
Providing engineering calculations and design support to help realize many of the technically challenging structural modifications to the trailer.
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